{Princess Pops}

Mama Pea Pod was voted in the Top 10 for Red Tricycle's Most Awesome awards for Birthday Party Ideas! Thanks so much! x

party food princess pops marshmallow treats

Princess Pea just turned 6 (ahh!), and we celebrated this year with a Princess and the Pea party. It was the party of her dreams, pink and girly! One of the treats she served her royal guests was these 'Princess Pops'. They are so easy to make, and a pretty twist on the traditional smartie-on-a-marshmallow party treat my mum always made for birthdays when we were kids....

{5 Minute Father's Day Gift: Daddy Word Cloud Tutorial}

Five Minute Father's Day Gift:

Daddy Word Cloud

(with full tutorial)

I'm loving this 5 Minute Father's Day craft we made: a 'Daddy' word cloud! (Shhh, don't tell Daddy Pea.) These also make great Mother's Day gifts, grandparent gifts, or teacher gifts. Princess Pea gave them to her teachers this year, and they loved them!

five minute fathers day gift word cloud tutorial

I'm very much a last minute planner when it comes to holidays of any kind....