{Rubbed Leaf Hedgehogs}

These cute little hedgehogs brightened up our dreary fall afternoon last weekend!

Rubbed Leaf Hedgehogs

Creativity for Preschoolers

rubbed leaf hedgehogs art for preschoolers collage

Sweet Pea loves collecting leaves, sticks, rocks, anything from nature that she finds on our walks. As a result, we had a large pile of leaves that she had collected and pressed and was looking for something to use them for.

child making leaf rubbings with crayons

After seeing these leaf turkeys and these leaf hedgehogs, we decided to make our own versions of hedgehogs with them. Sweet Pea is in the Hedgehog class at preschool, and our dog's name is Hedgehog (in Hungarian), so hedgehogs were the perfect subject for our crafty Sunday together!

child making hedgehog art from leaf rubbings

We got out some paper and drew some snouts - just a rounded, slightly curved triangle with a circular nose on the end. 

child using boya ergonomic crayons

Then we put leaves under the papers and rubbed them gently with the side of a crayon (we love these ergonomic crayons from Boya). 

hedgehog picture made from leaf rubbings

Aren't they sweet? I think our little Hedgehog approves!

red and yellow hedgehog made from leaf rubbings

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