{Dinosaur Party for Kids (Boys AND Girls!)}

Our Dinosaur Birthday Party for Kids

(all kids!)

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party for Kids

I'm putting all our Dinosaur Birthday Party posts in one place for easier reference. Our daughter LOVED her dinosaur-themed party for her 4th birthday! We kept it all 'neutral' - this is not a dinosaur party for boys, nor is it a dinosaur party for girls - it's just a dinosaur party for KIDS! :-)

Click on the links below for more details:

Dinosaur Party Invitations

Dinosaur party invitations

Dinosaur Cake and Party Food

Creating the food for our party was so fun! From a dinosaur cake to dino dig jello cups, to dino poop (mmm, yum!), we kept to our dinosaur theme for a delicious table of treats fit for carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores!

Dinosaur birthday cake

Dinosaur cake

Dinosaur birthday party food

Dino Dig Jello Cups

Dinosaur Games and Activities

For our little 3 and 4 year old guests, we decided play stations to move freely among would be more appropriate than organized 'games'. Here's what we set up:

Rainbow Dinosaur Dig:

dinosaur rainbow sensory dig

Cool Dinosaur Small World Play Table:

cool dinosaur small world play table

Making Decoupaged Dinosaur Eggs:

dinosaur egg decoupage craft

Sweet Pea made the paper maché dinosaur egg above before the party as a decoration. See how we did it, here.

dinosaur party craft

And then all the kids decoupaged wooden dinosaur eggs in the same way at the party to take home as favours. (Since our party was held just before Easter, these made cute hanging Easter eggs, too.)

Dinosaur Colouring Pages

I printed some pages for kids to colour at the party. Find a selection of dinosaur colouring pages here.

Pin the Horn on the Triceratops

This was our one organized game, which they enjoyed (parents stayed at the party, by the way, so they were able to help their kids with this game). We got our game from a friend, but you can get something similar here. [affiliate link]

party game pin the horn on the dinosaur

dinosaur party game

Dinosaur Birthday Gifts:

We like to get our kids a gift that fits with their party theme, since their theme is usually representative of their current interests anyway. 

Easy DIY Dinosaur Dress-Up Costume

This time, Sweet Pea had requested a dinosaur costume for her birthday, so here's what I put together for her (you need to know that I am a super beginner seamstress!)

diy dinosaur dress up costume

Other dinosaur-themed gifts she got:

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{Magical Tooth Fairy Coins}

Magical Tooth Fairy Coins

magical fairy coins from the tooth fairy

At our house the tooth fairy brings 'fairy money'. Since my daughters don't really have much concept of the value of coins or any chance to spend them anyway, the tooth fairy leaves little (I mean really tiny) 'fairy' coins. It all stemmed from my daughter's imagination, actually....

Shortly before losing her first tooth, Princess Pea (then five) asked me about the tooth fairy that she'd heard of at school. She reported that someone had told her the tooth fairy brings money, but that she didn't really believe them (I could tell from her voice that she really wasn't sure, though, and was prodding for my opinion!) When I inquired why she didn't believe it, she pointed out that because our money was much too big for tiny fairies, and since different countries have different currencies (she didn't use the word 'currency'), that they must have their own fairy money in Fairyland that's probably really tiny and magical. 

How could I argue with that logic?!

Well, that sent me into a complete panic as I tried to figure out how to get my hands on some magical, tiny fairy money - and fast! - as this tooth was about to fall out imminently! 

Luckily, I was able to find some, and so now the tooth fairy brings teensy fairy coins. I save them from our travels and I bought a bagful of them at a market this spring. Some are old out-of-use coins, some are currencies from countries she won't recognize, and some are even transit tokens! (Sshhh, don't tell!) 

She believes they're really magical, and she keeps them in a special treasure box beside her bed.

Has the tooth fairy visited your house? What tooth traditions do you have in your family?

child missing front teeth - tooth fairy traditions