{Birthday Interview: Sweet Pea, Age 3}

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Have you tried interviewing your child on his/her birthday?

kids birthday interview

When visiting a friend's house a few months ago, I came across this beautiful birthday book that she had for her son, containing a page for every birthday from zero to adulthood....

{Grateful for the Little Things}

In the busy rush of day-to-day life it can be easy to overlook the little things that are truly the most important.

Lately I've been trying to make a point each day of identifying something that I am grateful for in my life. It's a wonderful way to help me remember to keep everything in perspective when life gets stressful! 

You could write something down each evening before bed in a gratitude journal, or drop a note into a jar to read again on a particularly stressful day, but I've just been making a mental note each night as I turn out the light. Just the act of consciously thinking about what I'm grateful for helps me keep it all in perspective.

So here are some of the little things I'm most grateful for ...

{Dolls From Your Kids' Art}

I don't know about you, but I've had my eye on those kids' art rag dolls that are all over pinterest for ages now. You know, the ones where you take one of your kids' drawings and turn it into an actual 3D doll. They are just so darned adorable, and I can't imagine a sweeter keepsake for them for when they are older! ....

{Sweet Summer Treat: Fruity Strawberry Banana Creamsicles}

These homemade fruity creamsicles are my kids' favourite summer treat and a great way to involve kids in 'cooking' in the kitchen! They're quick and easy to make (my 3 year old made these ones) and full of real fruit....