{10 Everyday Fine Motor Activities for Kids}

everyday fine motor skills activities for kids and toddlers

Helping your child develop fine motor skills doesn't require lots of planning, special materials or tools, or genius creative ideas from Pinterest. There are so many simple, everyday activities that kids do all the time (often even without planning on your part) that help them develop the fine motor control that they will need later for writing in school. Here are 10 things that your kids probably already do that are helping them develop their fine motor skills on a daily basis! So stop beating yourself up over not having time or energy to put together those wonderfully creative Pinterest ideas - your kids *are* working on their fine motor skills daily! (And if they're not, these are easy ways to build it into their every day!) 

{DIY Natural Leaf Garland}

homemade natural leaf garland

Last week we made this beautiful natural leaf garland during mother-daughter crafts time. I just adore it! This would make a lovely autumn/fall or Thanksgiving decoration, laid across a table, or draped around the room as we have done. I had thought it might dry out and crumble after a few days, but it's still beautiful and perfect after a week. *Update: It's now March and it's still beautiful and perfect, despite hanging in our living room in direct traffic!

{Fall Leaf Wreath for Kids to Make}

fall leaf wreath for kids to make

Princess Pea made this sweet fall leaf wreath 
to decorate our front door this autumn season.

All you need is a disposable plastic plate 

{Simple Invitation to Draw for Kids}

simple invitation to draw for kids

I set up this simple invitation to draw in about 5 minutes, and the girls have spent ages creating fantastic creatures and amazing scenes from it!