{Number Recognition Car Game}

As we were driving to the dentist's earlier this summer, just me and Princess Pea, we killed car travel boredom and practiced her number recognition by playing 'spot the number'.

We started with the number 4, since it was her 'last day of being 4'. She scanned all the houses we passed, looking for one that had a 4 in the house number. Once she found one, she started looking for a number 5, since she would be 5 the next day. Then, of course, we had to do all the numbers, so we went back to 1, then 2, etc. Each time she spotted the number she was looking for, she got so excited! (I love her enthusiasm!)

Sometimes she had to confirm first what the number looked like. It was interesting to hear her interpretations of what they look like. ("Is 8 the one that looks like a snowman?" "2 looks like a 5, but has a straight line on the bottom, and the 5 looks like an S, right Mama?")

She noted that the houses mostly had more than one number on them, which led to her discovery of how 2-digit numbers are written ("SIXty FOUR is a SIX and a FOUR!")

Far more fun and at least as effective as any worksheet! ;-)

What kinds of games do you play in the car with your kids?