{Rainbow Sensory Play}

Child's hands holding rainbow-coloured barley grains for sensory play

We made some beautiful rainbow barley this week!

I found a full box of expired barley in the back of the cupboard, and using the same method we used when we made our rainbow dyed pasta necklaces, we turned it into this fun, sensory play bin 
in happy 'spring' colours (wishful thinking on our part
 as it turned out - we've had snow twice more since!)

I set out a few figures to go along with it, and left Sweet Pea to her own devices
- which turned out to be a rainbow jacuzzi for her little friends 
and hide and seek :-)

 Try it with rice, pasta, or lentils, too.

Playmobil figures lined up for the rainbow barley grains sensory play tub

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