{Birthday Interview: Sweet Pea, Age 3}

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Have you tried interviewing your child on his/her birthday?

kids birthday interview

When visiting a friend's house a few months ago, I came across this beautiful birthday book that she had for her son, containing a page for every birthday from zero to adulthood....
It was so sweet and enchanting, I read it cover to cover and just had to have one! But, I decided to make my own so that I could personalize it as I wish.

So when Sweet Pea turned 3 a few days later, I took the opportunity to sit down and begin a birthday book with her. We did a birthday interview to record her thoughts and feelings about various things in her life at the moment. I plan to put it into a birthday scrapbook, along with some photos of her on her birthday, her party invitation, and a pocket to hold a couple of other mementoes. Each year we will add to it.

Here are the birthday interview questions I asked her, and the responses I got from her 3 year old mind!

What's your name? (she gave me her first name with correct pronunciation, but couldn't tell me her middle or last name)

How old are you? (she held up 3 fingers - her thumb, her index finger, and her middle finger) 3

What do you like about birthdays? Animals. Animal birthdays. Cat is animal... Doggie... Penguin... Tiger... Not Mummy... Elephant... Polar Bear... Teddy Bear.

What was your favourite present that you got for your birthday? Gruffalo t-shirt!

What is your favourite thing to play with? Pinkie (her special stuffed animal), 'cos his neck is wobbly.

Who is your best friend? (named her sister, with cute mispronunciation)

What do you like to do with her? Playing. SuperWhy.

What's your favourite thing to eat? Broccoli.

What's your favourite thing to wear? Hello Kitty shirt.

What's your favourite place? Bedroom. Mummy and Daddy's.

What do you like to do there? Snuggle them.

What's something special you can do? Homework. Try something. Write. Read a book.

What do you want to learn now that you're 3? Like Mummies and Daddies do. Like check something on computers.

:-) It was so cute, and she LOVED being the focus of all these questions! Why not try interviewing your child on his/her next birthday? It will make for a great keepsake to look back at together when they are older! In case you want to try it, feel free to pin or print the image below to use for your own child's birthday interview!

kids birthday interview free printable