{Classic Christmas Paper Chain Garland Craft For Preschoolers}

simple classic Christmas paper chain garland craft for preschoolers

This simple Christmas paper chain garland is a classic craft for preschoolers - though I must tell you that I loved making it with them, too! There's something very relaxing about uncomplicated paper crafts.

There's just three easy steps and all you need is:

  • Christmas-patterned paper (even better if it's got patterns or colour on both sides - I recommend double-sided Christmas scrapbook paper [affiliate link], but you could use gift wrap or even magazine pages)

  • Glue (I find that glue sticks or glue pens [affiliate links] are much easier for preschoolers to manage for this craft than liquid glue.) 

1. Cut the paper into strips (depending on your preschooler's age and cutting skills, you may want to do the cutting part yourself. I cut them for my 2 1/2 year old, while my 5 year old cut her own strips.)

2. Bend each strip into a circle and link it through the one before.

3. Glue the ends together to hold the circle.

Sometimes preschoolers forget to link it through before glueing, but no biggie, it's easy to link the two parts together with a new strip.

The finished paper chains look so sweet and festive around the Christmas tree or draped over doorways or shelves.

Simple and classic, but I love this craft!