{Edible Sparklers}

edible sparklers party treat for new years or fireworks in july

Edible Sparklers:

Pizzazz for Your Party Table!

"Mummy, I can't take my eyes off them, they're just so loveable!" 

If you're looking for a little pizzazz to dress up your party table, these edible 'sparklers' were so easy to make - they literally took 5 minutes - and are an easy party treat for kids to make! We made them for New Year's Eve, but they would be perfect for any fireworks night such as the Fourth of July or Canada Day, or for kids' birthday parties.

To make them, get some pretzel sticks or bread sticks (we liked the salty pretzel sticks combined with the sweet topping - mmmm!) and dip the top half in melted chocolate (see my tips for melting chocolate here, as it can easily burn). 

Then we quickly rolled them in various sprinkles. (Do not use coloured sugar as it will just dissolve in the warm chocolate.) I had a few gold sprinkles left, which I combined with some confetti sprinkles, some star sprinkles, [affiliate links] and some normal rainbow sprinkles, mixed together on a shallow plate. I love how the combination turned out! 

Then lay them out on some baking paper or wax paper, spaced apart, and refrigerate for a little while until the chocolate hardens.

They really remind me of real fireworks!

I first saw the idea of edible sparklers over at Nurturestore, but hers are a bit different - made from chocolate fingers. Have a look and see which will work for you. 

These are definitely going to be our new party food staple!


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