{Egg Decoupage for Preschoolers}

Egg Découpage for Preschoolers

(For Easter or Dinosaurs)

This easy way to decorate eggs (great for Easter or for dinosaur play) is fun to do and results in beautiful découpaged eggs! 

We used a paper maché egg [affiliate link] for the large egg, and wooden eggs [affiliate link] for the smaller eggs. I got all of these eggs at our local craft store. We used the big one as a decoration for Sweet Pea's Dinosaur Birthday Party, and the little ones were a decorate-your-own-egg play station at the party to make eggs to take home. The wooden eggs we got came with holes drilled through lengthwise, so we threaded through some plastic craft string [affiliate link] to hang them. (The dinosaur egg theme was perfect for her spring birthday party because now they all have decorated eggs to hang up for Easter!)

For the large egg, we first painted it with washable paint [affiliate link] and let it dry. For the wooden eggs we skipped this step.

Once it was dry, we mixed up a solution of 1 part glue to one part water. We usually use white school glue [affiliate link] for this mixture but this time we used clear liquid glue and it worked just as well.

We cut up squares of tissue paper [affiliate link] in bright colours and glued them on by painting a glue 'wash' onto the egg then sticking on the tissue squares, overlapping here and there. (I recommend painting the glue wash on a small area at a time as the glue dries quickly.)

Finally, we painted over the entire egg with the glue wash to make a shiny finish. We just adore the results!

For a similar technique with real eggs, see how lovely these blown eggs turned out over at Red Ted Art!