{Spring Wreath Flower Fairy Crowns Quick Craft}

Spring Wreath Flower Fairy Crowns

Quick Craft

cute fairy crowns craft made from paper plates and flowers

We made these sweet flower crowns as our Easter bonnets this year, but they make perfect fairy crowns! You can tie them on with a bit of ribbon to make bonnets, leave as is for fairy flower crowns, or even hang them as spring wreaths.

You need: [affiliate links provided]

a synthetic flower lei (one lei will make several crowns)
other decorative items such as stick-on jewels or sequins, butterflies, etc.
To make them into Easter bonnets or wreaths, you'll also need a hole-punch (I like this rectangle one for ribbon) and some pretty ribbon.

1. Cut out the centre of the plate, leaving just the ring edge (to make it easy to cut out, just bend the plate slightly and it's easy to snip a hole through with scissors).

2. Use markers to colour the crown all over (or paint, if you prefer, but then it will take longer because you'll have to wait for the paint to dry.)

3. Cut the string of the lei and pull off the individual flowers. Attach them to the crown with glue. Use stick-on jewels or sequins in the centre of each flower to make it fancy. Add any other decorative items you choose.

4. If you're making Easter bonnets, use the hole punch to make holes on opposite sides of the crown to string the ribbon through. We made two small holes on each side and threaded some pretty yellow ribbon through. The ribbon also makes a hanger to hang it up as a spring wreath if you like!

spring wreaths or crowns made by kids from paper plates and flowers

Wear with pride, or hang up on the wall or door. 

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