{Recycled Sharpie Sun-Catchers}

Recycled Sharpie Sun-catchers

*This post was originally shared as a guest post on Skip to My Lou on July 31st, 2014.

We loved making these simple and colourful DIY sun-catchers out of materials from the recycling bin! They look just gorgeous hanging in a sunny window indoors or outdoors on the porch. I plan to move them to hang from our dining room light fixture in the winter months so we can still enjoy them without much sunlight.

We used plastic from an empty package of frozen mini quiches, but any plastic container with individual 'cup' sections would work just as well. In fact, even flat plastic would work, but the 'cups' make it easier to cut out circles.

First, cut out the circular bottoms from the 'cups' of the plastic packaging.

Next, draw colourful designs on them with permanent markers (we used these '80s Glam Sharpies' [affiliate link] and love the fun, summery colour combination!) 

Then poke a hole in each circle with a needle or hole punch (we like this ribbon hole punch [affiliate link]) and string onto some fishing line [affiliate link]. Tie a knot onto each one to keep them from sliding together when you hang them.

Then hang up where the light can shine through them! The pictures really don't do them justice - they are BEAUTIFUL!

Some suggestions for hanging:
  • *hang down in front of a window
  • *hang horizontally in front of a window as garland
  • *make several strings and hang them together as a mobile
  • *hang outdoors on your porch or deck
  • *hang indoors from a light fixture
  • *attach to the bottom of a lampshade and let them dangle
  • *hang around the frame of a mirror

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