{DIY Natural Leaf Garland}

homemade natural leaf garland

Last week we made this beautiful natural leaf garland during mother-daughter crafts time. I just adore it! This would make a lovely autumn/fall or Thanksgiving decoration, laid across a table, or draped around the room as we have done. I had thought it might dry out and crumble after a few days, but it's still beautiful and perfect after a week. *Update: It's now March and it's still beautiful and perfect, despite hanging in our living room in direct traffic!

It was super simple to make and every step was enjoyable, special time with my daughter!

First, Princess Pea and I went out to the garden after school one day to collect some of the gorgeous fall leaves from our 'fire' tree (it looks like it's in flames, it's so colourful!) Then we brought them in and she pressed them in between the pages of some heavy books that we stacked up in a tall pile to maximize the weight.

The next day, the leaves were flat but still soft and flexible. While she was busy making her Fall Leaf Wreath at one end of the table, I set to work at the other end using up the left overs (we had a whole bagful!) making this garland. I just ran them one by one continuously through the sewing machine, with a few empty stitches in between. It took only a few minutes, and the leaves were surprisingly easy to sew through! I just made sure to have a length of thread at each end to tie it up with.

DIY natural leaf garland

And voila! Simply gorgeous autumn decoration!