{Valentine Tea Light Votive Holders}

Princess Pea and I made these super-easy Valentine-themed tea light holders last weekend, and we just love them! They were quick and easy to make with items already on hand, and they look lovely glowing in our dimly-lit hallway.

We used some empty baby food jars, tissue paper, white glue, and then decorated one with foam hearts and the other with fake rose petals laid in a heart shape.

All we did was tear up little pieces of red and pink tissue paper and glue them onto the jars... 

... then brush a bit of glue over the top (you could also dilute the glue with water, but we didn't), decorate, and leave to dry (we did them in the evening after dinner and left them out overnight). 

The glue dries clear and shiny.

Sweet Pea joined us too, at first, and I gave her a plastic yogurt tub to decorate instead of the glass jar (obviously not for putting a candle into), but she just wanted to paint glue onto the tissue paper and then ran off to do other things. 

If you want, you can tie a bit of ribbon or string around the top (we had a bit of pink yarn on hand), pop in a tea light candle, et voilá! You're ready for a romantic candlelit dinner (or a less romantic dinner with the kids!).

Watch for our upcoming Valentine Ideas blog hop on February 6th!

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