{Easy DIY T-Shirt Scarf: Time for Mama}

For this month's Time for Mama: Creative Playtime for Moms post, I'm so thrilled to be sharing a guest post by the lovely and creative Emma of Frog, Goose and Bear (and she now has a Frog, Goose and Bear Facebook page, too, for all you other FB-lovers out there). 

Emma's blog is one of the very first blogs I ever read, and I am still immensely inspired by her posts - by her creative "easy-peasy" ideas, by her sweet style, and by her lovely 'clean' blog look. And Emma especially holds an extra-special place in my little blogging world as she was my very first follower-that-I-didn't-know-in-real-life ever! (She was also the inspiration behind one of my most viewed posts, about our Rainbow Pasta Necklaces. See her original Coloured Pasta Made Easy.) In fact, as you'll soon see, Emma knows how to make everything easy for us! 

With three young children and a hard working husband, time for myself is virtually non-existent.  I often find myself staying up way past my bedtime just to get some child free time in the hope of holding on to some sanity!  Although it doesn't always happen, I love to spend this time doing something creative.  I have found that getting my creative juices flowing both energises and revives me.  While some may cherish the feeling they get from the completion of a long and time consuming project, I love nothing more than sitting down to a quick & simple craft that can be finished in no time at all and comes with a sense of accomplishment that can often be hard to come by as a mother. Today I'm going to share with you a super quick and simple project that can give you the satisfaction of completion in less than 20 minutes.  Even better, you don't even need to leave the house to find the things you need!   

You will need:
- one very large t-shirt (the larger the better)
- a pair of fabric scissors - nothing more!

Step 1.
Trim the seam from the bottom of the t-shirt and discard.

Step 2.
Continue to cut one inch strips in a horizontal line from the bottom of the t-shirt all the way up to just below the sleeves.

Step 3.
Put the neck and sleeves aside and you'll be left with your strips.
If your t-shirt has seams up each side, like mine, you'll need to trim the seam from each end of each strip.

Step 4. Stretch each strip until it starts to curl by pulling gently from each end.

Now you have a pile of stretched strips.  

Step 5. Pick up each strip and tie the ends together one at a time.

Step 6.
When you've tied the ends together, place the strips together with the knots all at the same end.  You're almost done!

Step 7.
Cut a rectangle of fabric from one of the sleeves of the t-shirt.

Step 8.
Wrap this rectangle of fabric around the knots and tuck it into itself.

Et voila - your scarf is finished!

Now you can try it on for size and enjoy wearing a piece of fashion that didn't cost you a thing and made all by yourself in no time at all!  

Thanks so much for having me, Jane. I am really enjoying this Time for Mama series.  Making time for ourselves is so important as a Mum and something that is far too often overlooked.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Emma! I need crafts that can be done in no time, or I tend to never complete them - this is perfect for me! I'm definitely going to be trying this!