{Playing With Symmetry - Preschool Math Game}

play with shape symmetry cover photo blocks tower

Princess Pea and I have been playing with blocks and learning about symmetry in the process, with some super simple shape symmetry play.

using building blocks to learn about symmetry

We each build one side of a castle. I build my side first, then she has to copy it exactly on her side, matching up the shapes to make a symmetrical structure. It's great for shape recognition, problem-solving, and learning about geometry. As you can see, we didn't worry about matching the colours, just the shapes, but you could do that, too, if you liked.

preschool child with completed symmetrical block tower

I was impressed with how well she did with it, and she was very proud of herself, too! 

Fun, play-based math learning, just the way we like it!

This post was originally written last summer as a guest post for Mom to 2 Posh L'il Divas. You can find loads more preschool-friendly math play ideas under her Preschool Math tab.


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