{Pretty Peacock Easy DIY Tutu Costume}

peacock tutu costume DIY

This year, for the first time ever, I sewed my kids' Halloween costumes - All. By. Myself! Yes, that's right - it's that big of a deal! I have never completed a sewing project before in my entire life. Home Economics was the one subject at school that I failed miserably at! Last year Daddy Pea (at my request) bought me a sewing machine for Christmas - and it sat in the box until this October!

So, all of this is just to let you know how truly easy this costume is to make! Really - you can take it from me!

I found this beautiful pin on Pinterest last year and knew that I just had to make one sometime! I won't give you a full tutorial here because if you follow the pin link, it will take you to the original one. However, there are a few things I would do differently next time.

In the directions, you sew the green felt onto the brown felt, then hot glue the light blue and dark blue pieces on top. After that, you attach the feathers to a ribbon. But I found that it was tricky to attach them to the ribbon nicely, being a terrible hand stitcher, so if they flip over (which they are sure to do at some point), the backs look terrible. On the second one I made (I made one for each of the girls), I didn't sew the feathers onto the ribbon, I just used the hot-glue to attach them. The backs look much nicer; however, I worry that they are not as well attached as if they had been sewn on. If I were doing it again, I would recommend machine-sewing the feathers onto the ribbon after sewing just the green and brown felt pieces together. Then hot-glue the blue pieces afterwards. That way the feathers will be securely attached, but the stitching at the back will be less ugly.

I also had a hard time deciding whether it would be better to make the tutu first and then attach the ribbons with the feathers, or attach the ribbons first, and then add the tulle to make the tutu afterwards. I tried both ways and I'm still not sure which is better. If you have the answer, let me know!

I should also mention that the only actual sewing involved is in making the feathers (although I also stitched the ribbon to the waistband, but if I'd planned it better I would have cut the ribbon a bit longer and just tied it). So even if you're sewing-averse, there's really very little sewing to be done. The rest of the costume is hot-glued or just tied on.

Unfortunately, at the time of picture-taking, Sweet Pea was in a bit of a mood and refused to model hers for the pictures, and Princess Pea was out shopping with Daddy Pea. Luckily, Brown Bear was ready and willing to step in as a model! This one is Sweet Pea's, which is a bit less full than Princess Pea's as she doesn't really love dress-up or party dresses, so I used less tulle on hers to try to avoid it bothering her. Princess Pea's, on the other hand, has more tulle so is fuller and pouffier - just the way she likes it to be!

And there you have it! A pretty peacock costume for Halloween or just everyday dress-up imaginary play!

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