{Simple Invitation to Draw for Kids}

simple invitation to draw for kids

I set up this simple invitation to draw in about 5 minutes, and the girls have spent ages creating fantastic creatures and amazing scenes from it!

We've been collecting these stickers from our local supermarket - you know, for every x amount of groceries, you get a pack of 5 stickers. There's a book that goes with them, and you collect them to fill the book. It's all local wildlife, which is pretty cool and we've all been learning a lot about the surprising wildlife here in Hungary (jackals, lynx, wolves - who knew?) Some of the stickers make complete pictures, while others need to be pieced together to make a larger picture. 

kids invitation to draw with sticker prompts

With some of our extras that we had doubles of, I made the kids this sketchbook invitation to draw. I took a sticker that was only part of something (or in some cases two or three stickers that could potentially go together in a scene), and stuck them onto blank sketchbook pages (you could also use pieces of magazine pictures). With some coloured pencils and a little imagination, they've been completing the other halves of the stickers, and then drawing a scene surrounding them.

Princess Pea (age 6) and I did some together, and then the girls each did some of their own - I love to see where their imaginations take them!

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