{Cute Reindeer Crafts for Kids}

 Cute Reindeer Crafts for Kids

These cute little reindeer ornaments are easy and fun to make for the Christmas tree or to decorate a gift. Or kids can make them as teacher gifts! The ones you see here were made two ways:

Reindeer 1: The one above was made by wrapping a sparkly tinsel pipe cleaner (all product links in this post are affiliate links) around an empty narrow tape roll! I imagine you could also use a tiny craft wreath. Before wrapping, thread a jingle bell onto the pipe cleaner and slide it along to the middle (you could also glue on a pom pom if you prefer). Then wrap. It turned out great, and the hard middle makes it sturdier. 

Then use cut pieces of beige pipe cleaners to make the antlers (we used 1/4 of an extra long pipe cleaner for each antler; probably 1/2 of a regular 12 inch pipe cleaner would do). Place it so that there is a longer and shorter end and wrap around the center piece - twist tightly to attach. Then either fashion each end into an antler 'hook', as we did with the ones below (I actually like those antlers better), or simply twist the ends together and leave a little sticking out in each direction, as we did with the one above (easier for little kids to do). Then glue on some googly eyes (I used hot glue, but regular white school glue would also work.) Finally, tie on a loop of sparkly ribbon for hanging your reindeer ornament.

easy version cute reindeer craft for kids from pipecleaners

Reindeer 2: For the ones just above and below, we made them almost the same way as above, but without the tape middle. Instead, they just formed an oval shape with the tinsel pipe cleaner and twisted the ends together. Then made the antlers as described above. I prefer this style of antlers, as I think they look more like antlers, but my daughter needed a bit of help.

Then we used them to decorate their teacher gifts - homemade bath salts for one teacher, and specialty beer for the other!

teacher gift reindeer craft from pipe cleaners

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