{Two Christmas Cards Preschool Kids and Toddlers Can Make}

This year one of our advent calendar activities was to make Christmas cards. Because Princess Pea (age 5) is at preschool during the mornings, our toddler, Sweet Pea (age 2 1/2) ended up making most of these. They are easy enough for toddlers but also fun for older kids to make - I even made some myself and enjoyed them just as much as the kids did!

The red one (made by Princess Pea) and the similar one at the top (by Sweet Pea) were made the same way. They used strips of shiny, metallic tape to make the layers of the tree, then Princess Pea stuck on some 'jewels' to add some extra sparkle to hers. I just love it! For Sweet Pea's I had her do it on plain paper because she really wanted to cut the tape herself and I knew it wouldn't end up in progressively shorter pieces. So I just let her stick on her strips of tape and then I cut it into a triangular shape afterwards (which she was actually quite annoyed about - oops!)

The rest were made by Sweet Pea. They were super easy and look really effective. To start, I gave her a piece of white paper and some bits of coloured tissue paper. I instructed her to tear up the tissue paper into small pieces and glue them all over the white paper (overlapping fine), to cover all the white. I showed her how to do the first piece, glueing both under and on top of the tissue with a solution of watered down white school glue and a paint brush. Then I just let her go at it. She did really well with it  and enjoyed glueing with the paintbrush, and she covered most of the paper. I filled in the blank spaces that were left.

The next day, after the tissue had dried, I cut out as many triangle shapes from the paper as I could get. Then I gave her some folded green construction paper cards and she glued the triangles onto the middle of each card. I cut out some rectangles from brown construction paper and we glued those on as trunks. Some she decorated with glitter glue, bits of sparkly sticky foam, or glitter pens. Others she left plain.

Don't they look lovely?