{Picking Cherries}

One of the items on our Summer Bucket List was to go to a U-Pick farm. I wasn't really particular about what it was we picked, I just wanted the little peas to have the experience of doing it. Although we have lots of fruit trees in our shared garden at home, we are always away when they are ripe, so we watch them bud, blossom, and grow the fruit, but we always miss the picking and eating time!

We just missed strawberry season around here, blueberry season is just starting, and raspberries are still around the corner. But right now it's apparently prime cherry season! (Funny, since our cherries at home are ripe in May - so we get to have two cherry seasons this year!)

We did a bit of research, called a couple of places, and finally found this great family-friendly place in Aylesford, NS, called Dempseys (or something similar?). It was a bit of a drive, but worth it!

They have baby farm animals wandering around for petting (goats, calves, chickens, and dogs), a large sandpit area, some play equipment for little kids, and other animals behind fences (sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, and pigs).

The kids enjoyed picking the cherries (red and white varieties) - and tasting is encouraged! - playing in the play area, and petting the animals. We didn't have any particular plan for using the cherries, so we just picked as long as the kids were into it, with no pressure. We had a lovely day out in the country, despite the heat. I think it might have been the girls' first time visiting a real farm, so it was quite exciting all round!

Oh yeah, and the cherries were delicious, too!