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Visiting the Wildlife Park

We took the little peas to the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park today. The wildlife park takes in injured animals with the goal of rehabilitation and hopefully rerelease to the wild, as well as animals born into captivity in zoos or as pets, that are no longer wanted. It includes mainly animals that are native to Canada, though there are a few 'foreign' animals too.

Despite many visits to world-class zoos in the past, the girls were fascinated by the up-close nature of this small wildlife park, and most of these species were animals that they had never seen in zoos before, such as skunks, raccoons, and rabbits. They see these animals plenty in story books and hear stories of the 'trouble' they cause around people's homes and gardens, but have had very little real-life contact with them. So these 'basic' animals were actually the biggest attractions for them!

Some of the other animals we saw there were:

Wild Turkeys

I must admit, despite their reputations for being ugly (and admittedly they don't have the cutest faces), their feathers were just beautiful!

Reindeer / Caribou


There were lots of these wandering around! I kept my eyes peeled for a stray tail feather on the ground, but alas, there were none to be found! I did find a lovely goose (?) feather and two colourful peacock feathers from the back of the peacock.


Again, there were lots of these just hopping around freely.

Arctic Wolves

Grey Wolves

Black Bears

These definitely did not look like any wild black bears we've seen before! They were obviously very well-fed!

Baby Blue Jays

There was a whole family of these hopping around near the enclosures. Sweet Pea loved these!

Thanks to everyone who linked up to last week's Outdoor Play linky! We had almost 30 posts linked up last week, including lots of new participants, and so many wonderful ideas were shared!

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