{Strawberry Fun & Games}

Strawberry season is coming to a close here, but here are a few strawberry-themed games we played this strawberry season. I made them for Princess Pea's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, but we played with them more before and after the party since the party got rained out!
(The kids still had fun, but omgosh I did not!)

Pin the Stem on the Strawberry - just like the donkey version, but I drew a large strawberry on red posterboard, used a marker to make some seeds, then cut out stems from green posterboard. We blindfolded the kids and they had to try to stick the stem (with tape) onto the right spot on the strawberry.

Strawberry-Scented Sparkly Playdough - inspired by this post at The Imagination Tree, but we used this non-cook playdough recipe that we've liked in the past, with the addition of strawberry flavouring and glitter. We love this! We had a playdate and made it together with a couple of Princess Pea's little friends. Very fun to make! It's had lots of use, and it smells just like strawberry Hubba Bubba bubblegum! (remember that?) Mmmmmm!

Strawberry Bean Bag Toss - I found these cute little strawberry-shaped 'bean bags' (they're actually reusable shopping bags that fold up into a little pouch that is designed to look like a strawberry) at a discount store. We never actually ended up playing this at the party, but the idea was that Strawberry Shortcake had dropped her basket of strawberries and you had to toss them back in for her. Afterwards, for a modified baby play version, I pretended to skip with my basket, spilling the strawberries along the way, and Sweet Pea had to chase them down and put them back into the basket for me. She loved this game!

Strawberry Hunt - Now that Sweet Pea is mobile and a little older, I think I'll try this next. Instead of spilling the strawberries, I'll hide them around the room for them to search for.

Got real strawberries still? We made the most fabulous strawberry cupcakes and served them at the birthday party - so delicious!

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