{Busy Kids Quick Tip: Washing Coins}

simple water play idea - washing coins

Simple Water Play: Washing Coins

Need to occupy the kids for a bit while you are busy making dinner? Try money laundering! No, not Soprano-style money laundering. I'm talking about actually washing money.

We had accidentally spilled some coffee in the cup holder in Grandad's car (ssshhh, don't tell!) It had a handful of loose change in the bottom of it (hence the reason the cup spilled). The coins got all sticky, so.....

While we were making dinner, I gave the kids the coins, a basin of warm, soapy water, and a couple of old toothbrushes and set them to work.

I told them not to stop until every coin was shining like it was new from the mint!

Of course, once I ran out of coins, they wanted something else to wash, so we went to our old staple, the zoo animals and figurines.

simple water play idea - washing toys

Ta-da! Dinner's ready!

Additional note: If your kids are bit older, this could easily turn into a more educational activity. Depending on the age and interests of your kids, you could count the coins, add up the denominations (great practice for counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 25s, etc, depending on your currency), talk about the different denominations in your currency, compare coins of different currencies, look at the pictures and research their significance, etc.

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