{Fall Handprint Wreaths}

Last week we made Autumn wreaths in my class. They were so simple, yet effective, that I'm having my own girls make one together at home now, too. It's easy enough for them to do at ages 4 and 1.5, and it will look so sweet on our front door!

I've seen similar ones all over the internet lately, and I can't remember where I saw this one - I think it was a teacher website of some kind? (If you see it or know, please let me know so I can link back!)

You can use whatever materials you like to make the leaves. We used coloured construction paper in fall colours since we had it on hand in the classroom, but for the one we're making at home we're using varied scrapbook papers in fall colours. I can't wait to see how all the patterns and textures look together when it's finished!

The kids just traced their hands onto the papers and cut them out. Then they glued them overlapping in a circle. I gave them cardboard templates in the shapes of oak leaves and acorns that they could also trace and cut out if they wanted to add them.

I had also prepared a few apple shapes using the die-cutter at school and some students chose to add those as decoration.

And finally, some used a thin-tip marker to draw lines and dots on the acorns and oak leaves to give them more depth.

They look pretty great, huh? I posted a picture of our own home one made from fall-coloured scrapbook papers on the Mama Pea Pod facebook page here!

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