{Golf Ball Painting}

Painting with balls is nothing new in the blogosphere and we did this activity back in December of 2009, but I just remembered how much we loved this activity and wanted to share it. We used golf balls instead of the usual marbles (thanks to my friend Paul who inspired us and lent us the supplies!), which made lovely, spotty prints as they rolled around. We gave them as Christmas gifts that year to all the grandparents.

We used the lid of a copy paper box and laid paper in the bottom. We squirted a bit of paint on the paper, and put in 3 golf balls. Princess Pea was just 2 1/2 at the time, so it was quite challenging for her to tip the box around without dropping the paint-covered balls on the floor. She was very careful and serious about it!

We did some with white paper and coloured paint, and some with black paper and sparkly silver paint, which made an interesting snail-trail effect (I think glitter glue could work well, too).

They looked so great that we now have them framed in our front hallway!

(Sorry the pictures are terrible, I took them on my phone at night!)