{Window Crayons ♥}

A while back I bought some window crayons from the toy store. I put them away 'for a rainy day' and forgot about them.

Last weekend we had a 'balcony art day'. We took our art supplies out onto the balcony and spent the whole afternoon out there getting creative. One of the things we did was finally try out our window crayons.

And they were amazing! We all absolutely ♥ them!

What vibrant colours!

And they make such lovely, smooth strokes! As Princess Pea said, "I love to do this because it makes my hand feel good!" I have to admit, I felt the same way about them myself!

And yes, they really do wash off with just a wet paper towel :-) Unlike the regular crayons that Sweet Pea tried out the next day on the living room wall :-(

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PS - I loved these crayons so much that I've decided to get another pack for school and use them to create a window word wall.

UPDATE: LOVING my new window word wall at school! The kids are super excited about it too and are throwing out requests for more words to add. It also allows me to sketch a quick picture to define the word, which is perfect for my EAL students!

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