{Creative Christmas Countdown Day 8: Paper Curl Christmas Trees}

Day 8 of the Creative Christmas Countdown advent calendar is brought to you by ... me!

gold patterned curled paper christmas tree craft by mama pea pod

I'm so excited to be part of this project and to share these beautiful paper curl Christmas trees with you that my preschooler, Princess Pea, and I made!

To make supply shopping easy for you, I've included affiliate links to the materials we used. 
materials needed to make curled paper christmas trees

To make these trees all you need is 3 circular items of different sizes, some gold, silver or invisible thread, and either some Christmas gift wrap or Christmassy scrapbook paper (we found that it's nice if it's coloured on both sides, but not necessary). If you have some star stickers or sequins, even better. We happened to also have some bells, so we added those too.

drawing circles

Trace around the circles and cut them out.

cutting out paper to make curled paper christmas trees

Find the centre of each circle (either measure or, like us, just fold the circle lightly in half, pinch the middle to mark it, then open it and fold it again across the opposite way, pinch and open. The spot where the two pinch marks meet is the middle.)

Then cut out 1/4 of the circle. (You won't need this 1/4 for these trees, but you might want to hold onto it - next week I'll show you how we made ours into a paper Christmas forest!)

paper cones for curled paper christmas trees

Using the 3/4 parts of each circle, fold them around into cone shapes and glue the edges down.

finished patterned curled paper christmas tree decoration with jingle bell

Cut a fringe edge all the way around each of the cones. Then, using a pencil, roll up the fringe ends to make them curl up a little.

Thread a needle (I did this part), and tie a knot (we attached bells on the ends first). Poke it through the biggest cone from the bottom up so that the tree rests on the knot, then tie another knot just a little above the cone, thread the second cone, tie another knot, then thread the third cone.

If you like, add star stickers to the top on each side of the string and press together, or use star-shaped sequins if you have them. (You could also add more stars or glitter glue to the trees themselves. Since we used patterned paper and sparkly paper, we decided they were fancy enough already.)

child proudly showing finished christmas craft decoration
The patterned one above and the gold one below I made, but Princess Pea (age 4) made the silver one. She did get tired of rolling the fringe, so I ended up finishing that for her and did the threading, but she traced and cut the circles, cut the fringes, and added the stars herself.

silver curled paper christmas tree decoration craft

gold curled paper christmas tree decoration craft

They look so beautiful and festive hanging up!

I found the idea for these trees in the book, "50 Christmas Things to Make and Do"(affiliate link), published by Usborne. I just love their books for children, and we have loads of them - in fact, I have to admit that I actually really bought this book for myself (hey, at least I'm sharing!)

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