{Preschool Christmas Crafts}

Princess Pea made these sweet Christmas crafts at her preschool and presented them to Daddy Pea and I at their class party. I thought I'd post the pictures in case any last-minute-crafters are still looking for inspiration.

preschool christmas craft flower pot bell

Flower pot bell
It has a bead dangling underneath to make the ringer part. Painted and decorated with punched-out shapes. She assures me she painted it completely herself, though I'm not 100% convinced of the truth of that claim! She says the teacher only did the ribbon and bead part.

preschool christmas craft pinecone elf

Pine cone elf
(This isn't the one she made, hers is hanging from the rearview mirror in my car, but it's basically the same as this except that her pinecone was brushed with glue and dipped in white beads to make a snow effect - very pretty!) The teachers provided the cones with the heads and hanging threads already attached. I was there and helped her to make a hat, glue on a scarf (hers is made of braided yarn), and do the snow.

preschool christmas craft napkin holder

Napkin holder 
Made of paper, tied at the top with gold string, and decorated with punched out Christmas shapes. The teachers cut out the paper, tied the top, and pre-cut the shapes. The kids glued the shapes on.