{Mama Pea Pod's Best of 2011}

2011 has been a year of such fun for me and my little peas! I absolutely loved spending the first 7 months of the year (plus 10 months of the year before that) home with them; we got up to so many wonderful, creative, and playful experiences together, and the girls have really grown to be great friends and playmates. Since returning to work in August it's been harder in all respects, but we still manage to do fun and creative activities together each week.

Here are my personal favourites from the blog over the year. Since I didn't start the blog until February, there's no January post listed below, but for each month after that I've shared a link to what I think was our 'best' activity I shared that month. Enjoy!

December - Curled Paper Trees

And watch for the upcoming Best Ideas for Kids in 2011 blog hop on January 2nd, where I'll be sharing another post of mine not listed here, along with the best ideas from many of your favourite kid bloggers.

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