{Pink and Red Heart Party: Cupcake Liner Rosettes}

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Another craft from Sweet Pea's pink and red heart-themed birthday partyRosettes to wear, made from cupcake liners!

Princess Pea has a store-bought 'Birthday Girl' rosette from a couple of years ago, but I thought it might be fun to make these homemade rosettes for all the guests to wear at the party and to take home afterwards.

I followed the tutorial for making cupcake liner rosettes for cards here*, except that I also hot glued a circular piece of coordinating fabric onto the backs and stuck a safety pin through the fabric, so that we could use them as wearable rosettes for the party guests (and my two girls, too, of course).

I had some plain pink, blue and patterned pink cupcake liners that I used, and I happened to have some sparkly craft foam, so there was no need to do the glitter step in the tutorial (though I think they'd still look sweet without the sparkles). 

For the boy at the party, I used a blue craft foam pre-cut star shape (not glittery, but oh well)**.  The only other patterned cupcake liners I had were all Christmas-themed, but it worked out perfectly as our little boy friend is obsessed with snowmen at the moment, so he got a snowman liner in his. 

And I had some sweet cupcake-patterned ribbon in pink and blue that was perfect for the tails.

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* Although the tutorial looks like there's a lot of steps involved, it was actually a really quick and easy craft to do. 
**Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think pink hearts are unsuitable for boys, but rather that I expected that our 5 year old guest would not be very interested in wearing one. Particularly if his 7 year old brother caught sight of him in it.