{Pink and Red Heart Party: Easy DIY Decorations}

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1. Pink and Red Heart Garland

I made this sweet garland for Sweet Pea's pink and red heart-themed birthday party using bits of paper from the recycling box left over from Valentine decorations at school. These pieces were leftovers from the die cutter (the 'negative space' left over after cutting out the hearts), but you could easily make some by just making a cardboard heart template (or print a template here) and cutting the hearts out of squares of pink and red paper. 
(I'd suggest folding the papers in half and cutting out just half a heart, to get a perfectly symmetrical heart shape.)

I laid them out on the floor, spaced as I wanted them to hang, and stuck little pieces of double-sided tape along the tops.

Then I laid down a piece of pink ribbon over the tape.

I tied bows in the ends and that was it. Easy, pretty heart garland!

2. Hanging heartstring

For this vertical hanging string of hearts, I used heart-shaped pieces of paper (again, leftovers from Valentine decorations, but easy to make - you could use either heart-shaped 'holes' like these, or solid heart shapes). Again, I laid them out on the floor, spaced where I wanted them to be, then cut short pieces of ribbon that fit the spaces between each heart. 

Again, I used double-sided tape to attach the ribbon bits to the backs of the hearts in a string. 

Then I hung up the decorations on the dining room window.

I added a few touches - some pink and red crepe streamers, some hearts drawn on the window with window crayons, and I wrote the birthday girl's name on the window inside the hearts (not shown). I thought they turned out pretty cute!