{Pink and Red Heart Party: Personalized Straw Markers}

Another ridiculously easy party decorating craft - and a practical one, too!

How do you keep kids from mixing up their cups at parties? I usually use paper cups and write their names on them. Even if they can't read them, at least the adults can help them find their cups.

But this year, I came up with an even better way to mark their drinks - personalized straw holders!

The inspiration for this idea came from You Make Do, where you can buy all sorts of fun party accessories!

Being the type that likes to make my own accessories, though, all I did was cut heart shapes (to match the pink and red heart party theme, of course) out of stiff, coloured card stock, then used an exacto knife to cut two parallel slits in each one. I wrote their names on (deleted from the pictures) and decorated each one with different stickers (that way it doesn't matter if they can read or not). Then I just slipped the straws through the slits. That's it! It made it really easy for all the guests to keep track of their cups, and also helped to dress up the table, too.

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