{3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt Party}

Our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt party turned out to be a grand success, yet again! I love hosting this party, it's my favourite one of the year!

My two little peas and their friends enjoyed a wonderful day looking for eggs, playing games, and enjoying treats, while their parents (and some grandparents, too) enjoyed some coffee, good food, and lovely company!

The hunt begins!

I can't tell you how many eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden all around our garden, but I can tell you that with 20 hunters on the guest list, there were A LOT of eggs out there! They were in every bush, every tree, every flower, and even sprinkled throughout the grass. 

There are some rules at our egg hunts:
1) Bigger kids must help littler kids so the little ones get lots of eggs, too.
2) Nobody can eat any eggs until the hunt is all over.
3) After all the eggs have been found, we share out the eggs so that everyone has an equal amount (more or less).

Due to weather concerns (we were forecast to have rain all weekend), I decided to forego the usual craft station (too messy with 20 kids if we had to move it indoors) and instead opted to have some Easter-themed races instead.

Egg and Spoon Race

No Hands, No Feet Egg Race

Nose Rolling Race

Everyone brought delicious treats to share. As always, the featured treat was the Bunny Cake my friend Kathy makes every year for the party. How cute is that??