{Playing with Bottle Caps}

Today the girls have been playing with plastic bottle caps. With Earth Day just around the corner, this has been a good reminder of how we don't need to buy more and more (often non-biodegradable) toys for our children, the recycling box is an excellent source of fun, creative toys for kids. 

Princess Pea (aged 4 3/4) made shapes with the bottle caps and turned it into imaginary play (as usual), pretending that each cap was a child in a dance class, with the 'teacher' cap instructing them to dance in circles, rows, etc. I'm pretty sure she got this idea from an adorable rhyming book we read last summer from the library, called Miss Lina's Ballerinas. (I really must get her her own copy of that book this summer.)

Sweet Pea (aged 25 months) and I played 'build it up, knock it down'. Granted, I did most of the building, and she did most of the knocking down! She loved this game! It was all I could do to convince her to hold off on the knocking down part long enough for me to snap a quick picture of our tower first!

Even Granny got in on the fun!

Do you have any ideas to share for playing with bottle caps? What other items from the recycling box have your kids enjoyed playing with?

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