{Outdoor Play Party: Singing in the Rain}

Toddlers with umbrellas - there's really nothing cuter, is there?

Sweet Pea and I were playing inside the other day when it suddenly started to rain. Sweet Pea heard the rain and immediately jumped up. "I want to go outside! Need my umbrella!" and before I could even respond, she hurried off to the front hall cupboard and got out her new umbrella that the Easter Bunny brought her.

She put on her 'duck shoes' and off she ran - laughing and twirling her umbrella. It was one of those strange summer showers when it was still sunny at the same time. We looked for a rainbow, but didn't find one. Within about 2 minutes, the rain moved off of the deck, but it continued to rain on the grass. The sun shone down on her as she stood at the edge of the deck watching the rain fall just metres in front of her. Within 5 minutes the shower was all over, but she wasn't giving up that umbrella!

Toddlers and umbrellas - a perfect combination for fun outdoors!

This week we are welcoming a new cohost to our circle: Jen of Kitchen Counter Chronicles is a regular contributor to the Outdoor Play Party, and has been a bloggy friend since she wrote an outdoor play-themed guest post on Mama Pea Pod way back in July, and then interviewed me for her Kitchen Confidential series in September. Be sure to check out her party post, and while you're there, take a browse around her blog - there's lots of outdoor play and learning, as well as plenty of crafty stuff, and foodies will enjoy her family-friendly recipes, too.

So now, on with the party! If you missed the last party, be sure to check out the 48 ways to play outdoors that were linked up - I especially liked this Window Screen Printing post from Play, Create, Explore. If you're not already familiar with her blog, I highly recommend it - so many fun, messy, outdoor art experiences!

Join the party and link up your own outdoor play ideas below!