{Painting Nails}

Daddy Pea is not a fan of nail polish - especially on little girls. Princess Pea, on the other hand, thinks it's very glamorous and fancy.

In the summertime, I do paint her toenails in a very pale colour as an incentive for her to let me cut them (always a struggle!), but fingernails are out of the question.

So she's come up with her own alternative - painting her nails with paint!

She uses regular water-based, washable paint, and thinks it's fantastic! We like it because it washes off relatively easily (though it can be a bit hard to clean from around the cuticles). And she loves to sit and paint them herself.

As always, she turns it into imaginary play - she plays the role of Lemon (from Strawberry Shortcake), the salon owner, and the rest of us have to call to make salon appointments for her to do our nails. She checks her appointment book, and is always very busy! But somehow she manages to slot us in. ;-)

She even painted Grandad's nails!