{Patriotic Fireworks Hair Accessories}

Patriotic Fireworks Hair Accessories

patriotic fireworks hair accessories diy

We're celebrating Canada Day this year at the grandparents' house. Since my kids are expats, they don't really know anything about the day, so I thought I'd drum up some enthusiasm by doing a Canada Day craft with my preschooler. 

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I was inspired by this 4th of July wreath at No Time For Flashcards - my original plan had been to make a Canada Day version of it, but it ended up morphing into something quite different! You might want to try making both!

These fireworks were super easy to make and could be easily modified by using different colours to suit any country's patriotic holidays (4th of July?), Olympic spirit, or to support your favourite sports team!

We used a sheet of red felt, which Princess Pea cut into about 1.5 cm strips (along the short edge of an 8x10ish/A4 sheet of felt) - good cutting practice for her. Then we used some white scraps of fabric to cut strips of the same length. (This was enough to make two 'fireworks'.)

We layered the red and white strips in a stack, then used a strip of the red felt to tie around the middle. That's it. Now they're ready to be hot-glued to some hair clips or hair elastics, or perhaps a red hairband.

Princess Pea is excited to wear them to go see the real fireworks this weekend!  

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