{Outdoor Play Party: DIY Watering Can}

make your own watering can DIY child watering garden

Make Your Own Watering Can


Water the Garden

toddler watering garden with a DIY watering can

Children just love to help water the garden, and my two little peas are no exception. Unfortunately, it can sometimes mean overwatering for the plants, as they tend to pour too much water from the watering can. So we made this DIY watering can for them to use to sprinkle the flowers with water. 

Tools and materials needed to make your own watering can

We got an empty plastic bottle, a nail, and a hammer. I had hoped that Princess Pea would be able to do the hammering herself, but it proved too difficult for her. In the end, she showed me where to put the holes and I did the hammering. We made about 5 holes. Put them near the top end of the bottle, so you can fill it up while upright. Then turn it over and sprinkle the water on the garden!

Children watering the garden with DIY homemade watering can

They think it's great fun to use, and I'm pretty sure the flowers like it, too, since it means they don't get a whole watering can of water dumped on them by overeager little hands.

In the last Outdoor Play Party, we had a record 53 ways to play outdoors linked up! Thank you to everyone who shared; what a great resource we are creating together! I absolutely loved this 'kid wash' carwash system made by Familylicious! I would love to have this set up in my garden! I'd definitely be going through it myself!

Seriously, how fun does that look?!


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