{Mermaid Party Invitation Cards}

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June is Mermaid Month at Mama Pea Pod! Why? Because it's Princess Pea's birthday month, and this year her party theme is mermaids! 

That means that we are going mermaid crazy at the moment! If you didn't already see it, be sure to check out the Mermaid Waldorf Doll tutorial from this month's Time for Mama guest post by Taming the Goblin - and enter to win the doll in the tutorial. And for the kids' creative time, give them a go at making mermaid handprint paintings - we had so much fun doing ours!

So, the first way to set the stage for a birthday party is, of course, the invitations. Here's how we made some beautiful, sparkly mermaid party invitations!

These were inspired by the Usborne book "Mermaid Things to Make and Do" - as you may know if you've been following for a while, we love the 'Things to Make and Do' series from Usborne; we have several of them (no, this is not a sponsored post - we just really, really love them!).

Now, because of the fiddly pieces, I ended up doing most of the 'labour' for these, while Princess Pea made the selections for which papers to use, which pieces to stick where, etc., and stuck on some of the less fiddly bits. She doesn't have a lot of patience for fiddly things, but an older child could do it independently. 

First, we got some good quality, blue card stock from the stationary shop, folded in half, and, using coins to draw around, made the cut-outs for the waves along the top.

Then we used some skin-coloured-ish bits of scrapbooking paper to make the torsos, arms, and heads separately. Next, we used various scraps of scrapbooking papers and old stationary envelopes to cut out hair, clothes, accessories, and various sea creatures.

Finally, we used some sparkly green craft foam to make the mermaid tails. Then we stuck each piece onto the card, making sure part of each mermaid went over the edge of the card, creating a 3-D effect. (You could make them even more 3D by using those foam stickies to attach them, instead of glue.) As a final touch, we drew faces on the mermaids and sea creatures with a pen.

We just love how they turned out!


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