{Baking with Granny}

Baking with Granny

Princess Pea and Granny did some baking when Granny was visiting here the last couple of weeks. Cinnamon buns and scones. Mmmmmm.....

I think this is called 'cutting in the butter'

I know that cooking and baking are so educational for kids, what with all that pouring and measuring and mixing and creating and watching it rise in the oven and whatnot. And I know that I should do much more of it. But I'm not really much of a baker (or cook), so it's great when someone else can do it with her!

The finished products!

I tried making these same scones with her a few months back and they turned out like little rocks. Ah well. Thank goodness for Grannies!

The taste test...

These ones were truly delicious! Maybe Princess Pea can teach me how to do it right next time.

"Yup, I'm a good baker!"