{Happy Monday - Flower Frame}

Keeping with the 'Happy Mondays' theme, this week I am sharing this picture frame. I love everything you see here! The picture is my favourite picture from when Princess Pea was tiny and I was a brand new mum. I can still smell her soft, snuggly, newborn smell when I look at this picture. The frame I bought in Rome at Zara Home (I love that store, but it is so elusive - I have to go in and buy something any time we find one somewhere!) and I love the pink flowers painted onto the old white boards. I know it's probably not really painted and the boards probably aren't really old, since it's from Zara Home and not some out-of-the-way little antique shop, but I still love it anyway. And that little green envelope stuck on at the bottom there is a sweet little vellum paper envelope containing Princess Pea's first tiny lock of hair that I had to cut off when she was one and a half and got it so tangled round her finger in her sleep that she couldn't get her finger out (!). Smile, smile, smile :-)