{Paper Flowers}

I recently made some sweet paper flower decorations. They were so easy, but look quite effective!

1. Get 6-8 sheets of tissue paper (you can use all the same colour or alternate different colours) and lay them flat in a stack. You can also use crepe paper.

2. Fold the tissue stack accordian-style, as if you were making a paper fan.

3. Tie the middle with a twist-tie or piece of yarn or ribbon. I used a piece of rafia string. Don't tie it too tightly, just enough to hold it together. If you plan to hang the flower, make sure to leave a long end for hanging it from.

4. While still folded up, cut the ends, either rounded or cut a small triangle into them.

5. Take one end and unfold it a bit. Then very carefully, pull out each leaf of tissue to separate each one. Do the same at the other end.

6. Hang it up!

I experimented with various sizes and colours of tissue, different numbers of sheets, different cuts, and even crepe paper. The crepe paper doesn't hold the folds, but the petals separate nicely and the crepe flowers look great too. I love these flowers!