{Homemade crayons}

I decided to try out homemade crayons after reading this post at Frog, Goose and Bear. I've wanted to make homemade crayons for a long time, but I'd always thought you had to do them on the stovetop, and it seemed messy and a nuisance. This way just requires a muffin tray (or silicone cupcake holders, which is what we used) and the oven. Super fast, super easy, super fun, and fantastic results! These were our 'practice' ones, but now that we know what to do (and how easy they are!) ... oh, the possibilities... Friends, expect these at every birthday party from now on!

ADDENDUM: I've now got all kinds of plans to make them in different shapes! We sorted our colours into 'blues' 'reds' 'greens' etc., with a couple that were mixed ('red/pink/white' and 'yellow/orange'). I like the mixed ones best, so next time I would still sort them but try to mix contrasting colours into each one. Then when they are fresh out of the oven and liquidy, I'll try giving them a swirl with a toothpick to see if we can get swirls in them. The yellow/orange one we made sort of came out like that on its own, and we've decided we like that one the best! Also, we used cupcake holders with wavy edges, which resulted in wavy-edged crayons. If you want smooth ones, use a plain muffin tin. Next time I'm going to try silicone ice-cube trays in different shapes, like the ones at IKEA.

2ND ADDENDUM: So the different shapes in the silicone ice-cube trays didn't quite go as planned! Check out our Berry Big Disaster here!