{Discovery Box of Shiny Treasures}

This week I made a Discovery Box inspired by The Imagination Tree: Introducing our Shiny Box! I made it for baby Sweet Pea, but as it turned out, preschooler Princess Pea was more interested in it. (These days Sweet Pea's only interest is climbing up onto everything in sight - well, that and pressing buttons on the laptop!)

Anyway, our 'shiny box' contains a fish-shaped soap dish, some kind of kitchen thingy with holes in it (no idea what that's for!), a small strainer, a heart-shaped metal plate for making fancy shapes on your cappuccinos, a whisk, a photo holder, an old DVD, a spoon, a piece of shiny silver ribbon, and a halloween hat with a shiny web pattern on it (this is an activity only for under parental supervision as obviously not all of these are baby-friendly!).

Sweet Pea pulled everything out of the basket, tried the fish soap dish on as a hat, put the lid on and off the basket a few times, then went off to practice climbing up onto a chair. Meanwhile, Princess Pea had a good look at everything from the basket then picked up the kitchen thingy with the holes in it.

She tried out all the other pieces from the basket, banging and scraping each one on the kitchen thingy to see what kinds of sounds she could make, and sang a little song, accompanying herself with the objects.

Then she came to the piece of shiny ribbon. She spent the next 20 minutes or so threading the ribbon through the holes in the kitchen thingy. Even though she has threading boards and books, something about the shiny ribbon and shiny kitchen thingy seemed to make this a much more fun activity. Also, compared to the shoestrings in the threading boards and books, the ribbon was harder to thread and required more concentration. 

I was quite impressed to see how persistent she was with it! She had to be torn away from it to eat dinner, but she has since asked to play with it several times (it's up out of baby's reach).

So, it didn't quite go as I'd thought, but it certainly provided some educational, sensory-stimulating, small-motor-developing entertainment nonetheless!


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