{Annual Autumn Walks}

Every year in Fall we take a family walk to a park on top of a hill overlooking the city. It's a huge expanse of forest and parkland, with a plethora of chestnuts, acorns, and autumn leaves to play in and a lovely view of the city.

Just thought I'd share some pictures with you from this year's walk...

The leaves haven't changed colours yet since it was still in the mid to high 20s (C) until yesterday. (Now it's 9C!)

We brought Sweet Pea's doll stroller thinking it would help her along - quite the opposite!

Stopping for a snack

Retes - a Hungarian strudel that comes with various stuffings. The kids got turos, which is like cottage cheese, in theirs. Mr Pea and I had cabbage ones and apple ones. Yum!

Sweet Pea was determined to stop and pick up every single chestnut along the way. Since there were millions of them all around us, we didn't really end up walking very much at all!

And from the same walk 3 years ago:


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