{Pumpkin Festival}

I love living in Hungary! 

We spent a gorgeous, hot, sunny, Autumn day at a pumpkin festival yesterday. Hungary has a lot of festivals celebrating all sorts of events, but this one was my favourite by far!

It took place in Zebegeny, a little country village along the Danube river, across from the castle of Visegrad, near the Slovakian border.

There were beautiful handicrafts being made right there on site - everything from elaborately carved pumpkins to woven baskets to wooden instruments were being created before our eyes. There was even a full-sized traditional loom set up and working in the town square.


There were plenty of activities for the kids - carving pumpkins, making kites and jewellry, clay, facepainting ... and traditional basket carousel swings, a couple of trampolines and a bouncy play area for the little ones, which were a big hit with our kids (and gave me three 6-minute windows of shopping time! haha).

And, of course, traditional Hungarian music, dancing, and a cute show put on by the local preschoolers.

And how amazing are these paper mache pumpkin lanterns built over all the streetlights? I wished we'd been able to stay to see them lit up at night! (I'm telling you, this is one creative country!)

We ate goulash soup and bread for lunch, followed by the most wonderful Hungarian cuisine of all - kurtoskalacs (a tube of dough cooked on a spit over a fire and coated with sugar and cinnamon ... mmmm).

It was a lovely family day outdoors on a beautiful Fall day that certainly felt more like summer.

Then it was off home for a quick change and a friend's birthday party. (I just have to post a picture here of Princess Pea leaving for the party - she was so proud of how fancy she looked!)

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