{Last Minute Halloween Craft: Little Monsters!}

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks as we made these early in the school year, and I haven't gotten around to it 'til now, but here it is - JUST in time for a last-minute Halloween craft. No worries, though, as you most definitely have everything you need to do this in your house right now!

We made these ones in my first grade EAL class. The kids LOVED making them (and the 4th and 5th graders were quite envious when they saw them in my classroom!).

They couldn't be easier to do. All you need is a cardboard box from the recycling bin (we used mostly tissue boxes and cereal boxes); some paint (or you could wrap them with paper instead); bottle caps; googly eyes if you have them (but no worries if you don't, we ran out and the second group just used markers instead); various craft odds and ends (we used pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, bits of craft foam, buttons, and yarn); and some kind of glue (some kids used glue sticks, others used white glue).

Hand all these supplies over to your kids and tell them to make a monster! That's it! (I did have to show them how to poke the pipe cleaners into the box by stabbing a hole through first with a sharp pencil. The boys especially loved doing that part!)

(If you're wondering what all this had to do with EAL, we were learning body parts and they used them to make comparisons between their own body parts and their monters'!)

last minute halloween craft little monsters paper box

Pretty cute, aren't they?

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