{Googly Eye Stick Monster}

halloween creative kid-led monster craft googly eyes

Every kid loves googly eyes! This is as true of my 5th grader students as it is of my preschooler at home!

Working with googly eyes makes for great fine motor skills practice for preschoolers - they are small and fiddly and not easy to glue on. Princess Pea usually gets easily frustrated with fine motor tasks. But there's something inherently motivating about googly eyes!

As I was working with Sweet Pea on her Jack-o-Lantern Suncatcher, Princess Pea was busy by herself with some popsicle sticks.

And here is her creation - a googly-eyed monster! I was quite impressed that she did this completely independently - from getting out the supplies of her choice to deciding what to make with them, to attaching all the pieces together!

The only input she had from me was when she asked me to choose how many eyes the monster should have - I said 5 but it ended up with 8 anyway! (Lol! Perhaps we need to do some more preschool math play!)

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